Seamless Delivery Standard

We at Shanagar understand the changing needs and demands of today’s fast paced fashion industry. Our processes and compliance benchmarks have been audited by some of the world’s top fashion houses and groups.


Working with some of the most demanding global fashion houses, we understand the competitive demands and needs of today’s fashion world. Merchandisers, design teams, sampling units, and production are strategically located within the same facility, guaranteeing, shorter response time for sampling, better production supervision and quality control.

A dedicated merchandising team, allocated to every individual client ensures seamless co-ordination with the client, right from the start of a project, through sampling, production and logistics. We focus on understanding individual working methodologies, thereby providing flexible and customized processes to suit every clients’ individual working style.

A Global Network

Our global network of selected representatives and merchandisers, guarantees ease of communication and co-ordination, ensuring there is a seamless process from brief to final production.