We at Shanagar understand the changing needs and demands of today’s fast paced fashion industry. Our processes and compliance benchmarks have been audited by some of the world’s top fashion houses and groups.
  • Research & sourcing material
  • Art works & sampling
  • Pattern & placement
  • Material testing – REACH Regulation – & fabric certifications
  • Embroidery Production
  • Stitching garments
  • Quality Control & packaging
  • Shipment & customs
  • Embroidery, Garment & Print design
  • In-house CAD facility
  • Hand & Machine embroidery
  • SA8000 Certified

Our merchandisers

Our strategic approach involves housing merchandisers, design teams, sampling units, and production facilities under one roof. This strategic alignment yields numerous advantages:

  • Expedited response times for sampling requests.
  • Rigorous oversight of the production process.
  • Impeccable quality control measures.

Every client we serve benefits from a dedicated merchandising team, ensuring seamless coordination from project inception to sampling, production, and logistics. Keeping in mind each client’s individualistic needs


Our Story