At Shanagar, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to a greener planet is woven into our very fabric, and here’s how:

Community Collaboration

Beyond our walls, we actively segregate all waste materials, donating them to NGOs, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

Empowering You

We encourage our clients to join us in the sustainable revolution. Transform remnants from your collections into fantastic upcycled creations—think hair accessories, pouches, bags, and more.

Water Warriors

In our factories and offices, we’re vigilant about water usage, educating and motivating our employees to embrace water-efficient practices and cut wastage.

A Pledge to the Planet

At Shanagar, we’re not just making fashion; we’re making a difference. Join us in crafting a sustainable, ethical future. Together, we’re part of a movement that truly matters.

RAG BALL Project

Ecoexist is changing the game in eco-friendly packaging. Their mission: to replace bubble wrap and thermocol balls with hand-spun rag balls made from waste chindis. They are also creating green jobs for skilled women in Ahwalwadi village. Led by Manisha Gutman, the team includes a mechanical engineer and two interns studying market potential.